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Traditional Indian Clothing of All Time


One of the most wonderful traditional dresses of India, Sari is probably the outfit that describes and depicts an Indian woman. Generally talking about Indian women makes you picture a beautiful young woman clad in a gorgeous sari.

What is a sari? A sari is basically a four to nine meters of unstitched clothing that a woman drapes on her body in numerous ways. The most common draping style is wrapping the sari around the waist with the pallu (one end) diagonally draped to one side covering the chest. Underneath the sari, women wear a petticoat or a blouse, which is a fitted crop top.

The popular varieties of sari include Northern, Eastern, Central, Southern and Bangladeshi saris, which divide into further categories relating to geographical locations. Sari is one traditional Indian dress that hasn’t evolved much over time, but the modern sari has certainly changed in terms of designs, fabric, embellishments, weaving styles and patterns. The modern sari definitely makes choosing one out of the many options available hard, as each one is to die for.

Pattu Pavadai

A langa voni (also pavadai daavani or langa davani) is a traditional dress worn mainly in South India by young girls between puberty and marriage.[citation needed] It is also known as the two-piece sari or half sari.[1] Young girls between puberty and marriage wear this dress. Girls younger than this may wear it on special occasions.

It comprises a langa or paavadai, a skirt which is tied around the waist using string, and a voni, oni, or davani, which is a cloth usually 2 to 2.5 metres (6 ft 7 in to 8 ft 2 in) in length. The voni is draped diagonally over a choli (a tight fitting blouse, the same as that worn with a sari). Usually, the garment is woven with cotton or silk. A variant of this is the gagra choli of North India (the difference between the two being the direction of draping the voni or dupatta). The modern day “lengha-style sari”, worn by Indians across the subcontinent mainly for special occasions, is inspired by the langa voni.

Lehenga Choli or Ghagra Choli

Famous in most of Northern India like Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Gujarat, lehnga choli or ghagra choli is possibly the heart-throb of every Indian woman. This traditional dress with its unique style and design is definitely worth the admiration and status it has achieved.

Talking about what a lehnga or ghagra actually is, let me tell you that it is a long pleated skirt. What sets it apart from other western skirts is the fabric, embroidery and fancy motif work its clothing deals with. The choli is a blouse, just like the one worn with the sari. These two are then grouped with a dupatta that can be draped in any way preferred: over the shoulder, wrapped at the waist, tucked into the skirt, draped halfway like a sari, worn over the neck, etc. Once all the setting up has finished, the final look of the lehnga choli or ghagra choli is perfect for almost every fancy celebration, but is mostly favored for Indian wedding ceremonies. Lehnga or ghagra hasn’t modernized much other than the fact that its fabric, embellishment and dupatta draping style keeps on alternating and getting better and better. To sum up, lehnga choli or ghagra choli is a traditional Indian dress that surely won’t disappoint.

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