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Regal Little Queen Harshitha

Little girl in a frock

She is a natural queen. Shivangi helped her to bring out her regal nature with our Indo-western baby frock !!

The frock was originally a product of western culture. But later it was fused with traditional Indian culture by making use of myriad collections of fabrics and designs which belong to our tradition.

We have achieved a sweet spot in frock genre when our imagination became our reality. We took the product concept of frock and injected our ethnic traits and designs into it. Rest is history.

Buy your favorite frock for your babies and girls online at Shivangiclothing.com

We at shivangi clothing wanted everything to go as per our customers’ needs and preferences. We provide our customers with absolute customization options, where the clothing can be customized as per our customers’ desire.

Shivangi clothing specializes in making ethnic wears for women and girls. We are the most-trusted ethnic wear brand in India.

If you are located anywhere near Coimbatore, you can visit our retail store SHRINGARA to buy directly. Our products include Pattu pavadai, long gown, Half saree, Kurthi and much more.

When you try to be modern and ethnic at the same time, Shivangi clothing has to be your destination😊. Try the eternal ethnic fashion concept to stand out from the crowd.

Thank you little client for your cute pose.

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