Excited of being a customer of shivangi ?

Keeping & Spreading our cultural values are the most important and inevitable aspects now.

We are sure that if you are a SHIVANGI customer, you may somehow feel that we really contribute a little on this effort.

In this traditional Value Hunt, have you ever feel the real excitement on being a customer of Shivangi and enjoy the value addition?

Do you really feel that this effort should reach more people. If you really feel that you want to become a part of this attempt.

Why don’t we spread the values to others?

Come On!

We have a plan for you.

Let us join hand and spread our traditional values! Also share the benefits too. Become the cultural ambassador of Shivangi


For those who really want to be part of this effort, We are announcing our Partnership program.

If you feel that you can join with us

 Yes, It is a very simple process.

  1. Just refer your friends to Shivangi, by simply passing the offer links to them. They will get the offer & You will enjoy your affiliate benefits.
  2. If they simply click the link you have passed, you have achieved the first level benefits.
  3. If they purchase based on your invite link they will become your referral.  

How its work

Step 1: Become an authorised affiliate of Shivangi – Register

Step 2: Share our affiliate link of a page or product or category

Step 3: If your friend simply click the link, you can see the dashboard like bellow.

Step 4: If they purchase you will enjoy your affiliate commission.

Step 5: You can move on the ladder by subsequent activities of partnership program.