Happy Customers

Beautiful little client in enthralling Kids Pattu pavadai

Girl in pavadai sattai

This is a happy customer of Shivangi clothing in Beautiful Kids Pattu Pavadai design. With the shoes and bags of a modern girl, she proved traditional wears can perfectly fit the modern girls.

We have come a long way from the traditional era. Mankind/Womankind has evolved at a drastic rate. Everything has changed over the time. Seems like “change is the only constant” is impeccably true.

Since there is a lot of advancement, there is a need to improvise with the conditions. Our Kids Pattu pavadai and Girls pattu pavadai are elite-level designs which are made to fit both the traditional and Modern conditions.

She is a proof of concept that ethnic wears can pefectly co-exist with modern parameters.

Read this blog to know how ethnic wears made a come back in recent times.

Thank you little lady for the cute pose. we wish you only the best !!

We really understand the value of your time.

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