History of Pattu Pavadai or Langavoni

History of Pattu Pavadai or Langavoni

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In the Southern lands of India, the traditional wear that distinguishes a girl before her marriage is the Pattu Pavadai or Langadavani or Langavoni. One of kind of lehengs this attire is generally worn by all girl kids and teen girls who have reached the early years of their youth. This is a dress that girls generally wear till the time they get married, hence symbolizing their singlehood. It is a two piece dress consisting of a Top and a Lehenga (skirt). It is generally made of silk and elevates the look of South Indian girls. In all four states of the southern land, this attire is called by various names. It is referred as Langa Davani in Karnataka, Pattu Pavadai in Tamil Nadu and Langavoni in Andhra Pradesh.

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