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This blog post is about the Order placement process of Shivangi and How we fulfill the same

Shivangi, the brand that emerged in recent years from Coimbatore, the city well know as South India's Mansester. They are the largest Manufacturers, whole salers of Pattu pavadai's, the dress also famous in the name of Langa Voni or Pavadai set.

Its a heritage of South India to wear their traditional attire in festival days to make the little girls look very pretty in Pattu pavadai or Lenga Voni. Still there is huge demand in this segment of manufacturing pavadai sets. Normally people used to buy the necessary pavadai Set fabris in clothing store and approach the nearby tailors with their own creation to make the dress.

But in recent days it is very tough to source the necessary traditional fabrics for girls as like elders and even if you source such one, its very difficult to make with traditional appeal within time. Lag of skill set and timely delivery are the major challenges in Pattu pavadai or pavadai set stiching. If any one approach the tailor shop, most of the cases they need to get compromise what they receive. Even that delivery time is not guaranteed in festival days.

This is where shivangi adds value in Pavadai set manufacturing. The first and for most aspect of South Indian Pavadai set is the pleet and fit according to the age of the girls. It is a major challenge in Pattu pavadai manufacturing when anyone try that a mass scale production. That's where shivangi came up with lot of innovations in pattu pavadai manufacturing and after a deep research in fabrics and patterns they can produce more than 3000 plus designs in Pavadai set within 2 years of time frame.

Now that brand is availale in all major shops of Tamil Nadu and Shivangi, the pavadai sets are available for customers in shopping cart called www.shivangiclothing.com

All you need to have to purchase pattu pavadai online in Shivangi clothing website is just measurement of your baby. In this site you can explore the Design and Color options age wise.




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